Business Intelligence

These days, ERP, CRM, MIS and other systems and software are absolutely vital for running a company or an organization. Despite the great use and performance of the mentioned systems in recording transactions, they are of limited use in preparing analytical reports and data access. Smart management systems allow reporting and data analysis and empower the senior managers to improve the performance of their Companies with less administrative costs and free from any human error.

The main objectives of smart management include:

  • Better Decision Making
  • Cost Reduction
  • Better Planning and Budgeting
  • Effective supervision of Companies and affiliates
  • Collecting information from separate systems
  • Immediate Access of Managers to Reports
  • Identifying urgent and necessary information Needs
  • Obtaining and optimizing the data from external sources
  • Optimizing the use of staff knowledge
  • Grouping and Analysis of great bulk of Information
  • Correction and Optimization of International system and computing tools.