Rayan Novin has been able to identify and meet the needs of different Commercial Companies and Service industries .The Capabilities and Solutions included in Hadi Hesab System can help Companies facilitate their daily affairs and expect higher productivity. Our Services in this area include but not limited to the following:
Financial and Industrial Accounting
• Financial Accounting and Costs apportionment
• Check and Treasury
• Fixed Assets and Properties
• Account Aggregation and Branch Accounting
• Accounts Aggregation and Branch Accounting
• Accounts Receivable Collection
• Cost
Purchasing and Supply Management
• Foreign Orders
• Warehouse Accounting
• Purchase and Procurement
Sales and Customer Management
• Internal Sales
• Customer Management
• Customer Service
• Distribution
H R Management
• Payroll Management System
• Staff and Personnel
• Staff and Personnel
• Project and Costs Assignment
Production Management
• Material Delivery Control
• Production Operation Control
Workflow Management
• Dashboard of Workflow Management